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Board Review & Certification Resources

We provide access to BoardVitals, a high-quality, online board exam review tool. This tool features:

  • Board review questions written by leading medical publishers, research institutions, and practicing clinicians, along with explanatory answers backed by literature.  
  • Question banks to help prepare for board exams for over 30 medical specialties, the USMLE Step 3, and more.
  • Performance metrics to help you track your progress, strengths, and weaknesses so you know what areas you need to study.

Begin by setting up a personal account:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your HFHS email to create your account! This will give you access to the question banks we have purchased.
  3. You will be sent a confirmation email. You must click on the confirmation link in the email to complete your registration. If you have used BoardVitals in the past, you may need to clear your browser cache in order to update the question banks that are available to you. 

Accessing Question Banks After Completing Registration:

  1. Login to BoardVitals
  2. From the BoardVitals homepage, DO NOT fill in the "occupation" and "Exam" dropdowns to locate the Question Banks. Instead, click on "My Dashboard" in the top right corner.

  1. From your Dashboard, choose the desired Question Bank from the dropdown in the dark blue toolbar at the top of the page.