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Sladen Library Remote Access Login


In order to use the Sladen Libraries' online resources off-campus/network you must enter your Henry Ford Health Corp User Name and Password.

User Name:

About Remote Access to Library Resources

Remote access provides off-campus (at home or on-the-go) access to most of the Sladen Libraries' online collections of journals, databases, and books.

You do not need to login if you are using the Sladen resources from an on-campus Henry Ford computer.

How It Works

When you are off network, you can either login using the box above (recommended) or you can go directly to a specific resource on the Sladen Library website, such as a database or an electronic journal, and you will be prompted with the "Sladen Library - Remote Access Login" page.  Here, enter in your Henry Ford Health Corp User Name and Password and you will be taken to the resource you were trying to access. 

Your session will stay active as long as you continue using the resources. You will be logged out after 2 hours of inactivity.

What is Your Henry Ford Health Corp User Name and Password?

Your Henry Ford Health Corp User Name and Password is the same User Name and Password you use to login to your computer on campus and into your Henry Ford Health Outlook email. Do not include the "" in your User Name.

If you don't have an Henry Ford Health User Name and Password

If you do not have an Henry Ford Health User Name and Password, for example you are a student, a private physician, or you work in a department that does not use Henry Ford Health Outlook email, complete the Sladen Library Registration Form. We will email you a Sladen-specific User Name and Password within one business day.  

Questions or Problems Connecting?

Contact Sladen Library staff at (313) 916-2550 or via email at

Sladen Libraries' license agreements include the following restrictions:
  • Electronic resources are provided by Henry Ford Sladen Libraries for the personal, educational, and non-commercial use only to individuals currently affiliated with Henry Ford Health.
  • Authorized users may not divulge any user names, passwords, or other credentials to any third parties.
  • Users may not copy, distribute, transmit or otherwise reproduce, sell, or resell content except as expressly permitted by law. 
  • Users may not remove, obscure or modify any copyright notices, other notices or disclaimers as they appear in the licensed content.
  • The use of robots and any automated search or downloading programs to search, extract, index, or disrupt the working of the licensed product is prohibited.