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Authors: Manuscript/CV Preparation & More: Manuscript Preparation

Learn more about how Sladen Library is able to assist authors in the publication process, updating CVs, and creating citation styles. In addition, collaboration tools that may connect you with others with similar research interests have been collated.

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Want to experience a stress-free manuscript submission process? Save yourself time by contacting the Sladen Library!

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Visit other pages in this toolkit for additional resources which may be helpful during the writing and publication process.

NIH Public Access Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Public Access Policy requires that all investigators who receive funding from the NIH submit an electronic version of their final, peer-reviewed manuscript within 12 months of the official date of publication.  The article will then be archived in PubMed Central.  For more information about this policy and the steps that authors must take to comply with the policy, please go to the National Institutes of Health Public Access page.

JANE: Journal/Author Name Estimator

Are you not sure where to submit your manuscript? JANE (Journal/Author Name Estimator) can help!  Enter the title and/or the abstract of your manuscript and select to 'Find Journals.'  JANE will compare your title and/or abstract to the millions of entries in Medline and create a list of journals that have published articles that are the most similar to your key topics.  Journals are ranked by a confidence score; the higher the confidence score the more alike your manuscript is to the articles published in that journal.

Note: The abstracts that are submitted to JANE for evaluation are not stored, but if you are worried about the security of the connection, you can choose to scramble the abstract.

Manuscript Preparation Services

The Sladen Library offers FREE manuscript preparation assistance for HFHS employees.

Manuscript preparation services cover many types of documents such as journal articles, book chapters, grants, conference abstracts/posters, and CVs.

Librarians will provide support with:

  • Verifying citations
  • Updating references within MS Word documents
  • Creating specific citation styles for your publication, poster presentation, grant, cv, and more
  • Meeting specific style and formatting guidelines required by the journal
  • Light grammar checking

Please note: there is a minimum 1 week turnaround time for this service.  

Contact Stephanie Stebens at or at (313) 916-2550 for more information about manuscript preparation services.

EndNote Overview

Q1: What is EndNote?
EndNote is a software program that you can load onto your home or work computer and use to create, manage, and store bibliographic references for easy access and sharing.

Q2: How can EndNote save me time?
EndNote provides the ability to store and compile references in a variety of formats based on journal/publisher guidelines which can then be inserted into MSWord.

It also utilizes manuscript templates for specific journals and assists you in the scholarly communication process by providing ways in which you can collaborate with colleagues.

Q3: Where can I turn for EndNote support?

EndNote support is available in a variety of formats:

Effective Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers Series

The Journal of Clinical Epidemiology recently published a series of articles that provide tips and guidance to new authors on how to effectively write and publish scientific research papers.

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NIH Library Writing Center

Request a Publication Search for an HFHS Author/Department

The form listed below can be used to submit a request for a citation listing of publications by a specific HFHS author (or authors), or for publications from a specific HFHS department(s). Completed lists will be sent to the email/requestor indicated on the form.  

If you have questions about this service, please contact Steven Moore of the Sladen Library at