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Journals: All About Journals and Full Text: Find It @ Sladen FAQ

This guide contains information about accessing the electronic and print journals at the Sladen Library. Use this guide to also learn about retrieving full text articles from databases, journal metrics, and alerting services.

What is Find It @ Sladen?

Find It @ Sladen is a tool based on Ex Libris' SFX link resolver software that allows you to link from an article citation in a bibliographic database, directly to the electronic full text of an article, or related services available through the Sladen Library.

When you see the red button in a database, clicking on it will display the Find It @ Sladen menu listing the available services and link to full text. 

Why is there more than one link to full text?

Sometimes an article is available from more than one source and our journal holdings overlap. For example, you can access the journal Chest through either the ClinicalKey database or ScienceDirect. Full text coverage dates may differ between sources and/or you can choose which version you want to use. Also, if one site is temporarily not working, it helps to have a backup.

Why is there no full text option on the Find It @ Sladen menu?

Either the Sladen Library does not own a subscription to the electronic version of a particular article, or the article is not available electronically at all. In some instances, an article may be available open access, even if the Find it at Sladen button link says that “no electronic access is available,” because our system is built to recognize items that we pay for. In these cases, it may be helpful to click the DOI link or open access button instead, to check for open access. You may also order a copy of an unavailable article through Sladen Library's document delivery service for a small fee.

Library patrons at hospital campuses other than Detroit (main), please check with your library regarding their print holdings and document ordering services.

Why don't I see a Find It @ Sladen button next to my citation?

The Find It @ Sladen button displays in different places depending on the database you are using. The button sometimes appears in the detailed view of the citation rather than the brief citation listing.

When I click to go to full text, sometimes I end up on the journal's home page or table of contents. Why can't I go directly to the article?

In rare cases, the journal publisher does not allow direct linking to the article. If you do reach the journal home page or table of contents, you can still access the article, but you will need to navigate to it. 

Why are there multiple windows?

When you click on the Find It @ Sladen button, the menu opens in a new browser window. In order to view the menu, you may need to ensure that pop-ups are not blocked by your browser. When you choose a service from the menu, another window will open which can be resized to preference. Be aware that if you have many windows open at once, your article may open in one of the current windows. 

I have reached my article, now why am I asked for an ID and password?

There are still a few journals that are not IP authenticated and require an ID and password in order to access full text. In these cases, the corresponding ID and password will be listed in green directly on the Find It @ Sladen menu as in the example:

If an ID and password is not listed on the Find It @ Sladen menu and the site is asking for one, there may be a problem with the subscription or the article you want may fall out of our subscription coverage years. In any case, please email Sladen Journals for help at, or call 313-916-2550 during business hours.

Please note: Journal IDs and passwords are different from your Sladen ID and password. Your Sladen ID and password will not work at the journal website.

Can I use Find It @ Sladen from home?

Yes, all HFH employees and affiliated students are eligible for remote access to library resources, which includes the ability to access full text articles from home.

There are two options for remote access:

1. HFHS employees can log in to the Sladen library resources while off campus using their Windows Active Directory account, that is, your HFHS corporate network account. If you currently can log into the HFHS network or HFHS Outlook email, then you can use the same ID and password to access Sladen Library online resources. Simply enter this information on the Sladen Library Proxy Server page.

2. Use your Sladen ID and password. If you do not have a Sladen ID and password, you can register for one by filling out this form.

Additional information on remote access can be found on this page.

How do I order an article?

You must be an employee of Henry Ford Hospital in order to use the ILLiad document delivery service. On the Find It @ Sladen menu, click on the GO button in the "How can I get it from another library?" section. HFH employees will be directed to the ILLiad login page. Users at other hospital campuses will be taken to their library's document services form.

Detailed information on ordering articles can be found in the Document Services Guide:

Please note: An ILLiad account is different from a Sladen Library account.  Even if you are registered with the library, you must create another account in ILLiad before using it to order articles.

I'm not finding the articles I need, how do I get help with research?

Contact a Sladen librarian and request a literature search. We are here to help!

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