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Authors: Manuscript/CV Preparation & More: CVs, Style Guides, & Publication/Presentation Tools

Learn more about how Sladen Library is able to assist authors in the publication process, updating CVs, and creating citation styles. In addition, collaboration tools that may connect you with others with similar research interests have been collated.

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Sample CV Outlines

Oftentimes you are asked to prepare your CV, but do not have an outline to follow.  Below are sample outlines that you can utilize to start formulating your CV.  If you need assistance with the preparation or style of your document, please contact Sladen Library via

In order to keep an updated CV, you will need to include any publications, poster presentations, grants etc. in which you have participated.  We can customize a style for your references so that entries in your CV are uniform.

An updated search on all your publications can be performed and formatted, or we can format your current CV to match your needs.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact the library at

** There is no charge for this service!

SciENcv: A My NCBI Curriculum Vitae Web Application

SciENcv is a web application offered by the National Institutes of Health that assists users with creating a professional profile that can be shared with others and used to create an NIH biographical sketch (biosketch).  Sections available for use in SciENcv are education, employment, research activities, publications, honors, research grants, and other professional contributions.  SciENcv also allows users to list their ORCID iD on the profile.

To create a SciENcv profile, you will need to create/log in to your MyNCBI account.

Information on Reference Management Software

Below are select citations pertaining to reference management software.  Highlighted citations are available for free via PubMed Central.

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AMA 10th Ed. Style Examples

The following documents contain examples of references following the AMA Manual of Style 10th Edition.

Concept Mapping Software

Presentation Software

Here are some popular resources to create your presentations. 

** Please note that these programs have an associated charge depending on the type of program access you wish to utilize.