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Introducing Sladen’s Graphic Medicine Book Collection

by Katrina Lawrence on 2024-03-29T11:00:00-04:00 in Cultural Competency, Medicine (General), New Books | 0 Comments

Starting this month, Sladen Library is offering a new graphic novel collection that focuses on healthcare and medicine topics. The books are located on the wall outside of Collaboration Room 1 and follow normal book lending policies.

You can discover all our Graphic Medicine titles in our online catalog. We will be adding more books over the coming weeks so come visit us soon!

What is Graphic Medicine?

Broadly speaking, Graphic Medicine spans the genres of comics and healthcare. The books can be either fiction or non-fiction and the authorship often represents diverse perspectives and experiences. Many of the titles aim to put a human face to disease and healthcare complexities, while addressing knowledge gaps of traditional literature and book categories. Additionally, as a visual art medium, illustrators and authors possess different styles that appeal to an array of readers and literacy levels. To read more about Graphic Medicine, Sladen Library recommends the website


Popular Graphic Medicine Categories

Below are descriptions and examples of various categories in graphic medicine. To make a purchase suggestion for a title not owned by Sladen, please complete this form.

Educational & Health Literacy – examples include medical history, anatomy and biology, anxiety, pain, and specific medical conditions. Offers a visual medium to learn about medical concepts.

Memoirs & Biographies – patient stories, doctor as patient, and accounts on people’s lives through illness. Telling stories of sickness and disease can help put a face to a medical condition. It also helps patients feel heard and can inform the recently diagnosed how to navigate their healthcare journey.

My Degeneration: a Journey through Parkinson’s by Peter Dunlap-Shohl

Call number: WL 17 D921 2015

Join a patient’s journey through a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at age 43. This book highlights an initial doctor’s diagnosis, disease symptoms, drug side effects, relationship dynamics, and mental and physical changes of the disease. With humor and wit, the author chronicles life changes as the disease progresses and along the way educate patients, doctors, and family about clinical and personal side of Parkinson’s.


Aliceheimer's : Alzheimer's through the looking glass by Dana Wolrath

Call number: WT 17 W221 2016

Walrath wrote this book to process her grief of her mother’s failing mind and the artful illustrations apply well-thought-out humor when life’s situations are not so humorous.

Through short daily vignettes, this book captures a daughter’s perspective through her mother’s battle with dementia. Using themes of Lewis Carrol’s classic, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the artwork and reflections demonstrate daily life of caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s.


Public Health & Healthcare Complexities– disease outbreaks, addiction, healthcare reform, advocacy. Sometimes comics can help us communicate complicated health topics and start constructive conversations about healthcare equity and broader public health challenges.

Graphic Public Health: a comics Anthology and Road Map by Meredith Li-Vollmer

Call number: WA 17 L784 2022

Using various comic formats, this book demonstrates how comic strips can shed light and communicate complex public health issues. The book is divided into various health topics that impacts modern society, such as immunization promotion, emerging diseases, opioid addiction prevention, and even climate change. This is an informative primer that can get the reader started in public health advocacy.

Contact Sladen Library with any questions, comments, or book purchase suggestions.

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