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Fulfilling the Prescription for Quality Drug Information

by JoAnn Krzeminski on 2024-03-21T08:30:00-04:00 in Drug & Pharmacology | 0 Comments

Drug Resources


Sladen Library provides access to a wealth of drug information resources. Whether you need to do a quick check of adverse effects or take an in-depth dive into dosage adjustments, we likely have a quality information resource to answer your question.



Description: Micromedex is a leading provider of evidence-based, clinical information for “Quick Answers” and “In-Depth Answers” on drug, disease, lab, pediatric medication, and toxicology topics.

Features: Dosing/Administration, medication safety, mechanism of action, pharmacokinetics, patient education, toxicology, and handling information for the drug. This resource also features a drug interaction checker, IV compatibility checker powered by Trissel’s 2, a drug ID component, clinical calculators such as MME, patient education handouts in English and Spanish, and toxicology reports for drugs and commercial products. In addition, you can search NeoFax for neonatal and pediatric drug information, enteral formula information, and age-specific dosing calculators.

Availability: Sladen Library website in Quick Links and Database list, remote access, and Epic.

Mobile app: Yes. Each component of Micromedex—Micromedex Drug Reference, IV Compatibility, NeoFax Reference, Pediatric Reference, and Drug Interactionsis currently available as a separate app. However, soon all five apps will be available as one combined app for easier access. Watch the Mobile Guide for updates. 


Clinical Pharmacology

Description: A comprehensive, evidence-based drug reference that is updated with clinically relevant changes hourly each day.

Features: Detailed drug monographs with adult/pediatric/neonatal content, a comprehensive “how supplied” section with photos, drug class overviews, IV compatibility, drug interaction checker, oncology content, “confused drug names” list, “do not crush” list, drug identifier tool, toxicology information via ToxEd, lab reference values, patient education, and more.  

Availability: Sladen Library website in Quick Links and Database list; remote access.

Mobile app: Yes. So it can be used offline, the complete database is downloaded within the app (therefore the size of the app is fairly large at 1.8 GB).


NatMed Pro

Description: Formerly “Natural Medicines,” the industry’s most comprehensive, evidence-based resource for information on dietary supplements, natural medicines, foods, herbs, and complementary and alternative medicine therapies.

Features: Monographs feature effectiveness ratings, interactions with other drugs/foods/herbs/lab tests/diseases, safety, dosing, adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, and more. Additional tools include an interaction checker, nutrient depletion checker, commercial product coverage, pregnancy/lactation safety checker, and more.

Availability: Sladen Library website in Quick Links and Database list; remote access.

Mobile app: No



Description: AccessPharmacy is designed to meet the changing demands of pharmacy education and practice today. Updated regularly, this comprehensive, content-rich online pharmacy resource allows users to explore leading pharmacy references, access a variety of study tools, and conduct research on drugs and supplements.

Features: Includes full-text access to more than 70 textbooks including DiPiro’s Pharmacotherapy and Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. Additional features include FDA MedWatch, Pharmacy Calculations Lectures, NAPLEX Central exam prep, and a selection of case review resources. A drug database with monographs based on Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information (which includes reference drug pricing based on average wholesale price) is also integrated into this resource.

Availability: Sladen Library website in Quick Links and Database list; remote access.

Mobile app: Yes, but it’s clunky. You’re better off visiting the regular site in your mobile browser.


Hale’s Medications & Mother’s Milk

Description: Online version of Hale’s reference for evaluating medication use in breastfeeding mothers and the risk to the infant.

Features: Drug monographs feature lactation risk categories, alternative drug suggestions, infant side effects, drug interactions, half life data, and more.

Availability: Sladen Library website in Database list and online catalog; remote access.

Mobile app: No


Additional noteworthy resources:



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