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Login Instructions for ACC CardioSource Plus

by Brianna Andre on 2024-07-01T13:00:00-04:00 in Cardiology, Continuing Education | 0 Comments

The website recently had a major upgrade, which completed in May. As a result of this upgrade, the ACC had all users reset their passwords. What do you need to do to ensure your access to CardioSource Plus? You will use our link to re-authenticate to, then reset your password if you have not yet done so. Once this has been completed, you should be all set for access for the next 12 months and can simply log in via, or by clicking the link in our Databases list.

Please clear browser history, cache, and cookies before starting the login process.

Click here or the link below to be sent to ACC CardioSource Plus for Institutions and Practices via Ovid (this link may be used on or off the Henry Ford Health network): 

You will now be prompted to log in to and accept the license agreement upon login or account creation. Users that have an existing account can login with their existing credentials to access the modules. With the new update, the ACC is requiring that your password be updated. Follow the instructions below to re-authenticate your account. Contact Sladen Library with any questions.


Click “Forgot Password?” to reset it, if you haven't already.



















After you have reset your password and logged in, a pop-up will appear. You may review these screens, or click “Close.”


You should now see the menu for accessing CardioSource Plus modules. Using the menu in the center of the page, expand any of the options to begin:


Then select the SAP you’d like to access:


Scroll down a bit and click “Launch ACCSAP”:


Then click “Login”:


You may be prompted to review and accept the Terms & Conditions; if so, check the box and then click “Start”:


Otherwise, you will see the module and its content:


To ensure that all modules are displaying properly, click on “My Courses” and verify that all SAPs and HeartSongs & ECG Drill & Practice appear on the main CS Plus screen:

• CathSAP
• EchoSAP
• ECG Drill & Practice
• Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: From the Nuts and Bolts to the Recent Advances
• Heart Songs / Cardiac Auscultation

Once you have confirmed that your access is set, you can login via the link directly.

If you have any questions or problems with your CardioSource Plus access, please contact us at, or (313) 916-2550. You can also contact Ovid's 24-hour customer service directly via email:

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