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Designing a Professional Poster

First Things First - Submit a Poster Application

First step in the process typically begins with an organization putting out a call for poster submissions for a conference they are holding. The application process often involves providing an abstract for the proposed poster along with information about the poster’s author(s). The format and length of the abstract required for this step is usually specified in the application guidelines.

While the abstract may not appear on the final poster, it’s important to write it well because it is what the judges will use to determine if your poster should be accepted. It could also end up appearing in the conference program or website. 

This is just the application process, a completed poster is usually not required at this point!

After Acceptance

Once your poster abstract is accepted, congrats! Now the real work begins. 

Move along to the next page in this guide for information on working with templates. 

Conferences usually require poster presenters to be registered conference attendees. So if you haven’t already made plans to attend the conference by this point, register!