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Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Toolkit

Tools and Resources

  • The first step in the process is deciding what clinical question or practice issue will be addressed. Practice issues typically center around improving patient outcomes or patient healthcare experiences; decreasing healthcare costs or increasing workforce satisfaction
  • Discuss ideas with colleagues and nurse leaders to get feedback on your practice concern or clinical question prior to project planning
  • Make sure your nurse manager is in support of the project before recruiting team members or initiating planning
  • The AJN (American Journal of Nursing) series of articles detail a step-by-step guide to the EBP process (see references at the bottom of each toolkit page)
  • The HFHS Evidence-Based Nursing Practice model provides an overview of the process 



AJN articles that highlight the basics of implementing Evidence-Based Practice:



Contact the manager of the unit where the EBP project is being proposed. The manager can provide support and be a resource for the planned change 

Email a brief summary of your EBP project to The project will be added to the HFH Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice project listing. The HFH Nursing Research and EBP Council will also be made aware of your active project. This step is required of HFH nurses initiating EBP and research projects

Points to Ponder

  • Nurse leaders who can provide information and support throughout the EBP project include: Nurse Managers and Administrators, Assistant Clinical Managers, CNSs, CNLs, Nurse Educators and Nurse Scholars.
  • The AJN articles provide a brief but helpful overview as you move through the EBP process.