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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Resources: Search Strategies

This guide gathers together timely research and resources for healthcare professionals and support staff on the topic of COVID-19.

Find links below to pre-populated searches on a variety of topics from expert searchers.

PubMed Search Strategies

The following search statement can also be copy-and-pasted into the PubMed search box for your own searching (From NLM):

2019-nCoV OR 2019nCoV OR COVID-19 OR SARS-CoV-2 OR ((wuhan AND coronavirus) AND 2019/12[PDAT]:2030[PDAT])

Sladen Literature Search Service

Not finding the information you need? The Sladen Librarians are here to assist. We can run a literature search for you on COVID-19, or any topic needed. You can submit your request via our online form, or send us an email.

Ovid Expert Searches

If you are familiar with Ovid searching, you can now limit your search to COVID-19 articles, through a Special Ovid Filter. From Ovid:

"This new limit allows researchers to easily combine their search strategies with the quickly growing collection of MEDLINE records on the topic of COVID-19. The exact search syntax for this limit is also documented in the Ovid Expert Searches area, and will be added to the Ovid MEDLINE database guide as soon as possible.

Here's an example:"



MedRxiv and Biorxiv Covid-19 search