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This guide is intended to provide resources such as journal articles, books, and websites that provide information on the subject of human trafficking. Human trafficking includes sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude. 

Journal Articles on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking training is a one-time training requirement. Individuals are not required to repeat this training with each subsequent license renewal period. Refer to the LARA requirements for Nurses or the MI Board of Medicine Administrative Code for more information. 
If you are reading an article to fulfill your training requirement, keep a copy of the article or citation information for your records. If audited by the State to prove completion of this requirement, you will submit a list with the complete reference of the article(s) read and/or title of media program viewed. 


This is a selection of peer-reviewed journal articles available on the subject of 'identifying victims of human trafficking.' For additional articles, a list of the most recent articles in PubMed appears in the RSS feed further down this column, or you may request a literature search on this subject from a Sladen Librarian for additional information.

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Meredith A. Identifying victims of labor trafficking. Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA). 2024;37(1):29-32. doi: 10.1097/01.JAA.0000995652.37567.c2. PMID: 38128136.

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Rambhatla R, Jamgochian M, Ricco C, et al. Identification of skin signs in human-trafficking survivorsInt J Womens Dermatol. 2021;7(5 Part B):677-682. doi:10.1016/j.ijwd.2021.09.011. PMID: 35028364

Basu P, Doshi V, Malinow A, Huang J, Kivlahan C, Mann L. Recognizing and intervening in child sex traffickingJ Fam Pract. 2021;70(1):29-34. doi:10.12788/jfp.0144. PMID: 33600511

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The AMA Journal of Ethics January 2017 issue is devoted to the subject of human trafficking. 

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