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BrowZine: FAQs

Easily browse and read Sladen journals on your mobile device or desktop!

Mobile App Troubleshooting

If you've downloaded and logged into the BrowZine app and are encountering problems, please refer to the troubleshooting tips below for possible solutions. 

BrowZine Content

BrowZine is not for performing a literature search. It's a tool to browse journals and read articles. 

Most, but not all, of Sladen's e-journals are available through BrowZine. If you can't locate a journal that you know we subscribe to, please use the Sladen Journal List

If the Sladen Library does not subscribe to a title, it will not be available through Sladen's BrowZine.

You can search for journals by subject or title. If you are unable to locate a particular journal by subject, try searching for it by title using the "Titles A-Z" search box in the upper right corner.

When searching for a journal title, use the journal's complete name such as "American Journal of Neuroradiology" instead of "AJNR." 

Back issues vary by title, but overall content on BrowZine will never be older than 10 years because it is a browsing/current awareness product. If you need older issues, please use the Sladen Journal List.  

Need More Help?

Contact JoAnn at the Sladen Library at 313-916-2550, email

BrowZine short demo video (2:36)

BrowZine's FAQ can be found within the app by going to Settings → Support → Frequently Asked Questions.