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Not Your Grandfather's Internet

by Randy Lancaster on 2022-11-17T12:00:00-05:00 in Information Technology | 0 Comments


When perusing the web on Henry Ford Health’s campuses, there’s a strong chance you have had the puzzling interaction with a strange entity asking you to “categorize” your destination, thereby blocking your path to research freedom.

Zscaler, what is it? A forgotten Game of Thrones character? A kitchen device only offered in infomercials?

Zscaler is actually your friend—a new cloud-based firewall service that is filtering our in/out bound web traffic, adding another layer of defense against the ever-increasing amount of bad actors on the internet. With this in place, Henry Ford Health is taking necessary steps to protect our critical data infrastructure.

Because of Zscaler’s “zero trust policy,” you may find at times that prior bookmarked sites may not be reachable. Once you come across a site that is flagged, you'll have the option to Categorize it and add any relevant notes describing the site’s true nature. Zscaler’s tech support will either lift the block on that site or inform you that our IT department will have to manually bypass the site from the firewall.

With this added security, all research should now start at our website (, so that the proper route is taken through the new network architecture. The Sladen Library has taken steps to maintain staff access to important eResources like Micromedex and UpToDate.

Please reach out to the Sladen staff if you find that access to a resource is suddenly blocked. There may be sites still needing identification and there are solutions to ensure that our patrons can retain uninterrupted access.

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