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Medical Images Resources: Medical Image Resources

A collection of medical image and multimedia resources.

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Before using an image, check the source information for a note about copyright. You may be required to ask permission, and possibly pay a fee, before using some images for publications or presentations. 

Not all resources in this guide are copyright-free or in the public domain. Many of these resources are provided for educational, reference, or private study. 

Read the disclaimer on each site before reusing any images.

Skin Muscle interface of embryonic mouse forelimb - NIAMS


A 3D color projection of the skin-muscle interface of an embryonic mouse forelimb stained for LAMA1, a basement membrane protein.

Photo credit: Sarah Lipp, a graduate student at Purdue University, and Sarah Calve, Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Purdue

From the NIH NIAMS

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