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Heart & Vascular Resources: Databases

A collection of Sladen Library resources on the subject of Heart & Vascular.

Guide Overview

This guide is provided to assist in locating library resources and other information on Heart and Vascular topics. If you would like to speak to a librarian, please contact the Sladen Information Desk. Use the tabs along the top of the page to navigate to different pages within the guide.

Pictured: Detail from "Quartered torso" by Judith Stoffer, NIH, NIGMS

Ask A Librarian!

Need help locating information? Ask a medical librarian!  A Sladen librarian will work with you to research your topic and find the right information in a timely manner. 

A librarian is available Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm on K-17 in Henry Ford Hospital. You may also reach us by phone 313-916-2550, or email Literature search requests can also be submitted via the Literature Search Request form. 

Search the Literature - Key Databases & Resources

The following is a list of Sladen Library databases that will be helpful in locating articles and information. If you would like search help or research assistance from a Sladen librarian, please contact the library or fill out the Literature Search Request form.


Sladen databases and electronic resources are available for HFHS employees and students.  If you are using a computer at a HFHS facility you will not need an ID/password. 

For offsite access at home or another location, you will need to sign in.  Please visit our web page Sladen Remote Access for further information.  If you are having trouble connecting to the Sladen Library resources, please visit our Troubleshooting Instructions.

Sladen Librarian

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Henry Ford Hospital
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Detroit, MI 48202
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